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January 29th, 2006

New Nitric Oxide Supplement Info Added

January 28th, 2006

NO2 Source has just added complete information on the following NO nitric oxide products: BSN NO-Xplode, BSN Nitrix CEM3, MuscleTech Pump-Tech, Fizogen Blitz Cycle, Labrada Super Charge and Xyience NOX-CG3.

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Introducing N30 - The Pre-Workout Supplement To Attack Muscle Fatigue

January 25th, 2006

Did you know you have unused strength at the point of failure?

You want to add muscle and get stronger, so you train hard. But muscle fatigue stands between you and your goals. Your inability to finish that extra rep is often a cause of fatigue factors, which affect your muscles at the cellular level. Not because you lack the strength. That’s why MRI built N30: The Pre-Workout Fatigue Inhibitor™.

N30 is scientifically developed to eliminate fatigue factors, such as ammonia, so you can instantly tap into a strength reservoir you never knew existed, and get the most explosive workout of your life. Simply mix a packet of N30 into 14 oz. of water and enjoy right before you start to train.

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NO2 CE2 Stack Pak

January 15th, 2006

“Other than protein,” states Ed Byrd, “creatine and nitric oxide are the two molecules that help you build your ideal physique.” The NO2 CE2 Stack Pak ensures you get the maximum effect! By not placing NO2 and CE2 in one tablet you gain the ability to precision time each supplement on your workout days. 1) Choose a specific workout time. 2) 90 minutes before, take NO2 Platinum. 3) 60 minutes before, food may be consumed (optional). 4) 30 minutes before, take CE2 Platinum. Plus you get the distinct advantage of dosing according to body weight - essential with a bona fide nitric oxide generator. What’s more, the hydrous blend, necessary in the formulation of the patented extended-release nitric oxide generator, cannot degrade the ester creatine.

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CE2 Platinum Creatine

January 15th, 2006

MRI and the University of Nebraska Medical Center announce a creatine ten full years ahead of its time. Designed to be absorbed in minutes, not hours, it provides a biologically-superior workout. Users now report greater force production, amplified intensity, no edema, and a leaner “Big.”

CE2 Platinum Power
Now you can get far greater results from your workouts while spending less time in the gym! By absorbing in minutes, CE2 Platinum gives you the ability to concentrate creatine’s full force into your training session! Users of CE2 Platinum report the ability to attack another set in just seconds - not minutes. Intensity and force production skyrocket. Users document that with CE2 they gain lean muscle with ever mentioning edema (unwanted water retention) - no more “puffiness.” Here’s the best part. You may, as some CE2 users report, experience a reduction in body fat.

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Introducing MRI NO2 Platinum

January 15th, 2006