MRI CE2 Platinum Creatine

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MRI CE2 Esterified Pro-Creatine

Ed Byrd, in Collaboration with ProNutrient Technologies, and Research Scientists at the University of Nebraska Present…"The Revolutionary Pro-Creatine Ester Technology!"

Suddenly, All Other Creatines Become Obsolete!!

It penetrates muscle cells in amounts 39 times greater!

It employs the same "ester-bond" delivery technology you find in some of today's prescription drugs. Unlike the monohydrates... It rapidly gets absorbed by all your body's creatine-dependent cells, not just your muscle cells... It does not rely on insulin or insulin mimickers for uptake... It contains zero sugars and no carbohydrates... It never makes you "puffy" looking... It gives you almost instant regeneration of ATP.. It comes in convenient caplet form... It does not "down-regulate" your creatine transporters. What is it? In a word, MRI CE2™. MRI's revolutionary new creatine ethyl ester HCL. It’s unlike any creatine you could ever imagine!

Finally... You can pack on rock-solid muscle instead of "spongy" water weight! You'll know what lightning-fast "between-set" recoveries feel like! You'll spend far less time in the gym. You'll add more weight to every single one of your sets. You'll watch your intensity skyrocket! You'll blast through frustrating plateaus. You'll experience no bloating, cramping, or diarrhea. And here's the best part: you'll never have to cycle off, so your gains wont ever take abackward slide.

Prepare yourself... If you're already using a creatine, get ready for a gigantic boost in your results! If you've been what's known as “creatine resistant" or have hit the inevitable "creatine plateau," hop on board, and get ready for the ride of your bodybuilding life!!!

The "Perfect Creatine"... Brought to You by Ed Byrd, MRI, and University Research Scientists!

When Ed Byrd, founder of EAS™ and creator of MRI NO2, introduced creatine monohydrate back in 1993, he took oral supplementation to a new level. But he realized that there were drawbacks with the "nature" and "chemical structure" of the creatine monohydrate molecule. Like poor muscle cell penetration. Minimal absorption. Edema-caused puffiness. Bloating, cramping, and having to cycle off. And over the last 11 years no one could figure out how to alter the "structure" of ttie creatine molecule to eliminate these problems. Until now, that is!

Thanks to Ed's discovery of the revolutionary new pro-creatine ester technology that research scientists from the University of Nebraska had just developed, you can say goodbye to all the drawbacks! Now meet the new MRI CE2: the world's first and only "total-absorbing," "muscle-direct penetrating," complete-body-target, revolutionary pro-creatine ethyl ester HCL! It represents the final step in the evolution of oral creatine supplementation. Welcome to the "The Perfect Creatine!"


MRI CE2: 39 Times (39X) Greater Muscle Penetration! You Get "Priceless Muscle" Not “Expensive Urine!”

Would it surprise you to learn that when you take a 5-gram doseof creatine monohydrate, as little as 0.10 of a gram ever makes it into your muscle cell? It's true. That's only 1 part in 50. (Multipy the cost of your creatine by 50... think it’s a good deal?) The remainder gets "delivered" to your toilet bowl. But thanks to MRI CE2's pro-creatine ester technology you get 3,900% more creatine penetrating your muscle cell! 39 times more. Sounds like an astronomical number doesnt it? It is! Think of it this way It's the difference between earning $3,500 a month versus $136,500 a month. It's huge. In terms of packing on new muscle, it's astronomical. Now sit back because you're about to find out that the reason for this astonishing increase is as scientifically elegant as ist is impressive. It all starts with "Full-Load Absorption." Read on!


Introducing... "Full-Load Absorption!™ Why You Get "Full-Load Results"

With regular creatine you lose 86% to 99% of your oral creatine dose in your gut. Before it ever gets to your bloodstream. You see, regular creatine has a "dual charge" -positive on one end, negative on the other. This is known as a zwitterion. Now here's the problem. Zwitterions cannot penetrate lipid (fat) membranes. But the membranes that creatine must pass through to go from your gut to your bloodstream are made of lipids. It's like oil and water. A big "no-go." That's why regular creatine is forced to use the creatine transporters to go from "gut-to-blood-stream" (and again from bloodstream-to-muscle cell).

Unfortunately, compared to the amount of creatine that needs transporting, there are very few transporters. So the creatine has to "wait in line," The probem is, it's playing a game of "beat the clock." You see, regular creatine is highly unstable in the harsh pH environment in your gut. So as it "waits in line," the creatine starts rapidly getting de-activated and irreversibly converted to the inert substance known as creatinine - and flushed out in the urine. That's why you lose between 86% and 99% of regular creatine in your gut. Now enter MRI CE2!

MRI CE2's pro-creatine ester technology "blankets" the negatively charged portion of the molecule. The results? It makes CE2 completely stable in liquid! No conversion to creatinine. Better still, it gives CE2 its "lipophilic" (fat-penetrating) property. That's why MRI CE2 bypasses the creatine transporters and gains direct access to your blood stream. Virtually 100% of the oral dose gets in! Now here's where it really gets exciting...


Introducing..."Muscle-Direct Penetration!™" Why You Get "Big Muscle Bellies" not "Big Bellies'"

The same lipid barriers regular creatine ran into going from gut to blood stream, it also encounters going from bloodstream to muscle cell. Here again, regular creatine is forced to use the creatine transporters. Same kind of "waiting lines" form. But this time as it waits in line, it's causing unwanted edema (water-retention). That's what "smooths-out" your muscles and makes you look "puffy." But not with MRI CE2! Thanks to its fat-penetrating properties, CE2 marches right into your muscle cell, leaving no edema in its wake! Now with 39 times more creatine in your muscle cell, the creatine molecule can finally unleash its full potential. To begin with, it means getting big full "muscle bellies" not big bellies!


MRI CE2 - The "Better Big!" You Get "Cell Volumization" not "Edema"

There's "good big" (cell volumization) and then there's "bad big" (edema, or water retention.). Cell volumizatlon happens "inside" the cell, "edema," outside the cell. With creatine monohydrate, edema (the "bad water" outside the cell) can happen simultaneously with – and to a greater extent than - the cell volumization (the "good water" inside the cell). You see, creatine is a salt. Salt brings water wherever it goes. So as creatine monohydrate "hangs around" the muscle cell site, waiting "in line" to be transported, it pulls water to the extra-cellular space. Water "pools" there causing edema. That's why bodybuilders who use creatine monohydrate report having more edema than cell-volumization. But not with CE2!

Thanks to its pro-creatine ester technology, MRI CE2s ester bond remains "intact" all the way through entry into the muscle cell. Then, and only then, does the ester portion get cleaved off, leaving the creatine in salt form. Where creatine goes, water follows. But now, you get water "inside" your muscle cell! It's the good "cell-volumizing" water. What's more, all this added water may turn on your body's Anabolic Response Mechanism (ARM) as the muscle cell wants to fill the "expanded space" in the muscle cell wth structural proteins. Translation: bigger muscles!


Speed Up Your Between-Set Recovery! Get an Immediate "Second Wind" for Your Muscles!

With MRI CE2 you'll do more than add more weight to all your sets. You'll get in and out of the gym much faster. That's because CE2 regenerates your ATP energy supply almost instantly. You get lightning-fast "between-set" recoveries. Plus, your intensity skyrockets! For you that means more muscle in less time.


“Total-Body" Creatine Penetration! Going Where No Creatine Has Gone Before!

Your muscles are not the only fibers that need creatine to "work" at maximum efficiency Your entire body craves the energy that only creatine can provide. That's especially true with high-performance athletes who put their bodies under greater stress. Now here's the good news! Dramatic new research suggests that MRI CE2 targets all creatine-dependent cells! And best of all, CE2 may also deliver creatine to your mitochondria. The mitochondria are the "powerhouses" inside your cells. They're responsible for generating all your energy and burning all your fat. That's why it comes as no surprise that CE2 boosts both your aerobic and anaerobic energy! As well as lowers your body fat. Fast! In otherwords, MRI CE2 ramps up your total body energetics and helps get you cut.


Say Goodbye to Bloating, Cramping, and Dehydration. Forever!

Two facts tell the entire story here. One, with creatine monohydrate it takes 26 ounces of fluid to dissolve the creatine. Most bodybuilders drink only 8 ounces. The body then "dumps" an additional 18 ounces at one shot into your gut. That's why you experience that "uncomfortable feeling." Worse, the water that gets dumped may ultimately get taken from your muscle cells - leading to dehydration. Two, CE2 completely dissolves in one tablespoon of liquid (less than one gulp!).That's why you never experience bloating, cramping,diarrhea, or dehydration.


No Cycling Off. So You Keep Your Gains

Do you know why you have to cycle off creatine monohydrate? In about 6 weeks, your creatine transporters "down-regulate." Simply put, that means they stop working. You have to cycle off to allow the transporters to get back on their feet and "recover." The bad news is, you lose whatever water-size you've gained – the water literally "drains out." Your muscles simply shrink back to normal size. But not with MRI CE2! Because CE2 penetrates your muscles directly (by passing the creatine transporters), there's absolutely no need to cycle off CE2. And no need, of course, to give up the real muscle gains you've made.

No Carbs, No Sugars, Zero Insulin Spike!

New MRI CE2 is pure creatine ethyl ester HCL. In an easy-to-take caplet form. You won't find any fattening carbs or sugars. You don't have to worry about repeated exposure to potentially damaging insulin spikes. But you will find it's everything you ever wanted in a creatine - and more!

MRI CE2 Platinum Creatine