MRI N30 Pre-Workout Nutritional Supplement

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NEW! MRI N30 Pre-Workout Supplement

MRI N30 Pre-Workout Nutritional Supplement

MRI N30 Pre-Workout Nutritional SupplementAttack Muscle Fatigue

Did you know you have unused strength at the point of failure?

You want to add muscle and get stronger, so you train hard. But muscle fatigue stands between you and your goals. Your inability to finish that extra rep is often a cause of fatigue factors, which affect your muscles at the cellular level. Not because you lack the strength. That’s why MRI built N30: The Pre-Workout Fatigue Inhibitor™.

N30 is scientifically developed to eliminate fatigue factors, such as ammonia, so you can instantly tap into a strength reservoir you never knew existed, and get the most explosive workout of your life. Simply mix a packet of N30 into 14 oz. of water and enjoy right before you start to train.

What to Expect

1. First, expect N30 to dissolve rapidly in water. K-Drive Rapid Absorption Effervescent Delivery mixes right into your water bottle, without the grit of other powders.

2. Expect rapid absorption. K-Drive absorbs into your bloodstream within minutes. Start your workout immediately.

3. Within minutes, you get an increase in blood flow, and it lasts throughout the duration of our workout. That’s the Vinpocetine and the A-AKG.

4. You’ll also be able to concentrate on the workout ahead. In addition to caffeine, A-AKG and Vinpocetine, which increase oxygen availability, allow you to attack sets with laser beam focus.

5. Throughout your workout, expect more reps, and delayed fatigue. That’s the oxygen availability you get from A-AKG and the toxin reduction you get from K-KIC. Plus, these two ingredients combine with Magnesium Aspartate to give you increased muscle fuel and energy (especially if you’re also supplementing with CE2).

6. After your workout, expect muscle protection. Potassium is anti-catabolic so you can keep the gains you’ve worked so hard for.

The ultimate benefit of N30 is a better physique. The harder you work in the gym, the better your results. That’s why you take N30.

How To Take

N30 is designed to be taken right before you train, on workout days only. The convenient packet packaging allows you to bring N30 to the gym, and the K-Drive effervescent delivery system ensures immediate absorption. So you no longer have to worry about timing your pre-workout supplement. Here’s how to take N30:

Go to the gym and get ready for your workout. Grab a water bottle. Take a sip of water to create room for the N30 powder. Pour the entire contents of one N30 packet into the water bottle. (Or use a shaker bottle, but not required.) Close the cap, shake a few times, allow N30 to effervesce, and drink. Then begin the best workout of your life.

(Note: N30 can be absorbed by as little as 14 oz. of water, but you can use more water if desired.)

A lot of people report getting better results when they take N30 on an empty stomach. That’s no surprise, as most aminos are better absorbed when they don’t have to compete with other foods in the GI tract.

MRI N30 Pre-Workout Nutritional Supplement